Average Cost: $12 - $14

BOTOX Cosmetic is an injectable wrinkle relaxer that temporarily freezes underlying muscles to prevent facial expressions for a smoother appearance.

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Average Cost: $700 - $800

Restalyne Injectable fillers provide structural support, replenish volume loss in the face and hands and to enhance and hydrate lips.



Average Cost: $550+

Juvéderm has a long line of injectable fillers to dramatically decrease wrinkles and add volume to areas like the cheeks and lips for a youthful glow.

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Voluma® XC

Average Cost: $950+

Voluma XC is an injectable dermal filler that increases and replenishes lost volume in the cheeks for a fuller, younger looking facial profile.

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Belotero Balance®

Average Cost: $490 - $550

Belotero is an injectable filler that is ideal for superficial lines and wrinkles around the lips and corners of the mouth for a youthful profile.

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Average Cost: $800+

Sculptra is a long-lasting, FDA-approved dermal filler that reduces wrinkles near and around the mouth for a more youthful and smooth skin appearance.

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Average Cost: $1000+

Kybella is a nonsurgical treatment that addresses the appearance of a double chin by destroying fat cells within the submental area (under the chin).

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