Brendan and Jessica Browne!

COVID-19 Update

How Serious Is The COVID Risk For The Vaccinated?

Brendan and Jessica Browne!

There was plenty of COVID news this week – but our “headline”, on a more personal note, was the marriage of Jessica Bunkis and Brendan Browne in Laguna Beach this past Saturday! Weddings are associated with friends and family travelling great distances to attend. We were most pleased about the visit by Dr. Bunkis’ 95 year old mother and his sister from Canada – the first time they were allowed to cross the border since the COVID pandemic began! What a great few days we all had together! Grandma Bunkis got to visit with her great-grandchildren as well. The rehearsal dinner and the wedding were beautiful events – the young couple are so obviously in love! Keep that spirit going!

COVID wise, we will focus on two things this week. First, a number of reports came out this week that show that the Moderna vaccines are producing significantly higher levels of antibodies, up to twice as many more, than the Pfizer vaccines. Researchers have also found that the Pfizer vaccine was much more effective in younger adults, producing 50% more antibodies than in older adults. But all the studies still show that recipients of all three vaccines, including the single dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine, provide STRONG protection against the coronavirus. Because of the high rate of vaccination in urban California and Massachusetts, coronavirus cases are showing signs of slowing but rural, less vaccinated areas continue to struggle with much higher rates of infections and hospitalizations.

In July, the CDC reported that vaccinated people with the Delta variant carried roughly the same viral loads in their noses as infected unvaccinated patients. This seemed to suggest that vaccinated people were just as likely to get sick or spread the disease, but this has not proven to be the case. New data does confirm that the Delta variant has increased the chance of getting infected for the vaccinated and the unvaccinated alike, but a breakthrough infection in the vaccinated is still rare, and if a vaccinated person does get infected, the illness will not be much different than a flu infection or a mild cold. The risks of getting infected for the vaccinated remains small and the risks of getting badly ill remain miniscule. New research shows that the chance of the average vaccinated American contracting COVID infection runs between one in 5,000 to one in 10,000 per day, with the lower rates occurring in areas where the population is heavily vaccinated. In other words, in areas where testing is widespread, one in 5 to ten thousand vaccinated Americans tested positive for COVID in recent weeks. Boiling this down, get vaccinated and lead as normal a life as possible!

Jessica and Brendan in Saint Peter’s Square this morning

Jessica and Brendan in Saint Peter’s Square this morning

Get vaccinated! Encourage friends to get vaccinated!

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