Farewell and godspeed to Gianna Laposta (second from left)

COVID-19 Update

FDA Approval!

Farewell and godspeed to Gianna Laposta (second from left)

Just when things seem to be going well, things change. Gianna joined the Salisbury Plastic Surgery staff three years ago, originally as an aesthetician but transitioned into a Medical Assistant role, at which she excelled, and now, sadly and proudly at the same time, we bid Gianna farewell as she moves on to Monty Tech to begin her nursing studies. She will be an awesome nurse! Yes, we will miss her but are so proud of her for taking this step towards self-fulfillment! Many “empty nester” parents will tell you how sad they were when their children left home to attend college. I can tell you that neither of us felt that way – we were so proud of our kid’s accomplishments and their ability to stand on their own two feet. Our job as employers or as parents is to give our employees and children wings so they can soar on their own!

And change has come to Orange County Plastic Surgery as well. Our new Physician’s Assistant, Ivanna Fux, has been with us a month now and, as expected, has proved to be a great addition to our team. If you have not met Ivanna yet, please do come in to see her – take advantage of her many introductory specials! We hope to hold onto Ivanna as long as we can - unless, of course, she decides to go on to medical school, in which case, we will all be there to wish her well!

There has been no shortage of news on the COVID front. The biggest piece of news is in regards to FDA approval of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine today – finally! Why is this such big news? Until this point, the vaccines have been administered in the United States under an emergency use authorization. With every blog we post, some “never vaxxers” have written to us to tell us these vaccines are experimental and dangerous. This is what we know – complications are part and parcel of every medical treatment, including COVID vaccinations. A very miniscule percentage of vaccine recipients have developed medical complications; meanwhile, hundreds of thousand lives have been saved by vaccine administration. In the U.S., 363 million doses of the vaccines have been administered, 89.3 million doses in the U.K. and 52.4 million in Canada – 4.95 BILLION doses worldwide. Billions of doses of safely administered definitively demonstrates the efficacy of this vaccine.

Unfortunately, the only way to control this epidemic is to get EVERYONE vaccinated! FDA approval will remove the barrier of mandating a procedure which had previously not been FDA approved, and empower many entities to mandate vaccination. In parts of California, proof of vaccination is already required prior to entry into restaurants, gyms, bars, theater, and so forth, and this appears to be an increasing trend. Across the nation, many universities, private businesses, health care providers and government branches have mandated vaccination for their employees, students, faculty, etc. One can argue that personal rights are trampled upon with such mandates, but there are times when general public safety has to take precidence. The US is experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases, predominantly with the Delta variant, especially in southern, less vaccinated States. Hospital capacity is being reached and hospitalizations are going through the roof with younger children (who are not yet eligible for the vaccine). The overwhelming majority of COVID hospitalizations and deaths are among unvaccinated people – the vaccine does not stop us from getting infected with the virus but vaccination works remarkably well in minimizing symptoms, hospitalizations and deaths. Vaccinated, completely asymptomatic people have tested positive for the presence of the COVID virus (a dangerous situation because in this state, they can infect others). Generally speaking, vaccinated people who contract COVID-19 and develop symptoms are prone to the same ones that an unvaccinated person might experience, but at a much lesser severity and rarely significant enough to cause hospitalization. These include fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, body aches, headache, sore throat, congestion, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Two new strains of the COVID virus have been detected – the Lambda and B.1.621 strains, both are feared to be the worst strains yet! A few weeks ago the lambda strain was confined to South American – this week, 1,500 cases of the lambda virus mutation have been noted in the US but we are sure this variant will explode as the delta variant did, especially amongst the unvaccinated.

Pending FDA vaccine approval, mandatory vaccination, and fear of the delta variant are all fueling increasing numbers of people seeking vaccination. Progress is being made. Last Thursday, the White House reported that more than 1 million vaccine doses were administered in a single day in the US! And starting September 20th, booster vaccines will be available to those who were vaccinated 8 months ago or more. Drs. Ekstrom and Bunkis will be in line to accept the boosters as soon as they are available – hope you will do so as well!

Hearty welcome to our new PA, Ivanna Fux

Hearty welcome to our new PA, Ivanna Fux

Get vaccinated! Encourage friends to get vaccinated!

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