COVID-19 curve from NY Times this past week.

COVID-19 Update


COVID-19 curve from NY Times this past week.

Hello from all of us at Orange County Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA and Salisbury Plastic Surgery in Worcester, MA. Both of us are at home, working hard and taking care of our patients. Life seems to be returning to a “new normal”.

This past week continues to give us more positive news about this COVID-19 pandemic. More and more of our co-workers, patients and friends are receiving the COVID vaccines. 8.4 million doses of the vaccine have been administered in California, 5.5 million Californians and over a million in Massachusetts have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Last week, a US Advisory panel authorized use of the new, one-dose, Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine and four million doses of the vaccine were shipped, to begin inoculations this week. Pfizer and Moderna are modifying their vaccines to be more effective against the various mutations that are appearing. As a whole, we are winning this war against the pandemic and, as you can see above, “the curve” is not only flattening, it is plummeting. We predict a relatively normal summer to come.

But 510,000 American citizens lost their lives to COVID-19 and are the ultimate victims of the pandemic. These citizens and their loved ones are the ultimate losers of the pandemic, along with the thousands who survived but have lingering health after effects. But what about those of us who never got ill or who survived a COVID-19 infection. All of us will remember 2020 as the year of COVID, and for most, this will be a negative connotation. But for others, 2020 was the best thing that ever happened to them! As the pandemic was ramping up, the country and our economy began to shut down a year ago this month. Yes, restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, musical events, travel and many other segments of our lives suffered, many will not survive this pandemic – our hearts go out to those individuals and businesses. But others thrived! The most obvious examples would be Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, COSTCO, grocery stores and some of the other companies that were not only allowed to keep working, but saw their business boom as many smaller competitors were shut down! The real winners, individuals and companies, were those that were able to pivot and adjust to the pandemic. Car sales were down but instead of closing their doors, General Motors, Ford and Tesla began manufacturing ventilators – not only did they survive and thrive, the predicted shortage of ventilators did not materialize in this country. Instead of closing their doors for lack of business, 3D Technology LTD of Riga, Latvia began manufacturing reusable face shields, got entry into the US market, and their business boomed. Major manufacturers of perfumes pivoted and began manufacturing hand sanitizers – their businesses boomed. People without jobs began sewing facial coverings and came up with a viable business model. Researchers in British Columbia have shown that family violence and divorce rates soared during the pandemic – but working from home and mandatory business closures allowed even more people to slow down, smell the roses, reconnect and become closer to their loved ones; parents and children got to know each other more deeply. Many authors and motivational speakers cranked out more books than usual and had record years sales wise as they pivoted their businesses to a virtual model. Pfizer and Moderna did well in 2020 (who had ever heard of Moderna before 2020?). And yes, ZOOM, Cisco’s WebEx and our virtual patient portal, DoxyMe, had record years. Can you look back and see something positive from 2020? We can!

Pre COVID Jason Aldean concernt – concerts are what we missed the most!   We are looking forward to seeing Josh Turner at the Indian Ranch Amphitheater on Dr. Bunkis’ birthday weekend in August.

Pre COVID Jason Aldean concernt – concerts are what we missed the most! We are looking forward to seeing Josh Turner at the Indian Ranch Amphitheater on Dr. Bunkis’ birthday weekend in August.

Stay healthy! Stay happy and persevere!

The end of the pandemic is almost here!

Keep wearing your masks in public, social distancing, and washing your hands frequently.

Get vaccinated when you get the opportunity!

Be grateful for what you have now and for what is on the horizon.

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