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1. Consultation: What to expect?
a. Dr. Bunkis will sit with you and listen to your concerns and desires regarding your potential surgery and arm you with as much knowledge possible to make this important decision.
2. What is a mid-facelift? 3. Men and plastic surgery? 4. What is recovery like?


Mid facelifts are relatively new but we have been doing them for 10-15 years. Both types of facelift procedures are designed to turn back the hands of time but both address different aspects of the aging process. A standard facelift is still the ideal procedure to tighten a loose neck and to help with jowls. You are correct in saying that the mid facelifts are relatively new procedures, but they address an age old problem – drooping and hollowing of the cheek areas below the lower eyelids – creating a so called “tear trough” deformity.


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Having cosmetic surgery to remove the bags became an easy decision for me. I trusted and liked Dr. Bunkis from the minute I met him."

Doris from Newport Beach. patient

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